December 10, 2023

Preludes… & Synthesis Exhibition

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Preludes… & Synthesis Exhibition

December 10, 2023

Two unique Exhibitions are heading to the National Wine Centre of Australia this summer, Preludes… and other short pieces on elements of South Australian landscape, series III and Synthesis.

Preludes… and other short pieces on elements of South Australian landscape, series III

Artist: Jan Adam Leś

Medium: Photography

This exhibition is a series III of the exhibitions presented at the National Wine Centre in 2020/21 and 2021/2022. Presented works explore imaginative associations between short musical pieces and elements of South Australian landscape. Series III includes elements of St Kilda, Polish Hill River, Barossa Valley, Normanville, Port Elliot and Vivonne Bay landscape as well as elements of Adelaide city landscape.


Artists: Jan Adam Leś & Zbigniew Leś

Medium: Photography/Digital Collage

This exhibition includes Jan’s photographic collage works and digital collage works of his late brother, Zbigniew. Art works in this exhibition are continuation of the Micro-Macro series, synthesis of micro and macro world, which started over 40 years ago when two brothers formed the Micro-Macro art group, while studying in Kraków. Works include elements perceived with the naked eyes, computer generated images and those generated using scientific apparatus. 

Zbigniew’s works presented at the exhibitions are from 2003-2009 period, when he was residing in Melbourne and were part of the exhibition presented last year in Kraków, Poland.  

Preludes… and other short pieces on elements of South Australian landscape, series III & Synthesis

10 December - 30 January

National Wine Centre of Australia

Free Entry


About the Artists

Jan Adam Leś

Jan’s photographic work extends over 40 years, beginning with his studies in Kraków,Poland, where he explored the beauty of black and white photography and conducted experimental art works together with his brother Zbigniew with whom he formed the Micro-Macro art group exploring connections between art and science. Since settling in Australia in 1992, he exhibited his works in Melbourne where he lived until 2002, and in Adelaide where he now resides.

Jan is a member of the Royal South Australian Society of Art (RSASA) and regularly participates in the RSASA members exhibitions. He is the recent finalist of art competitions including Solar Art Prize, Abstract Prize Biennale, Kennedy– Nyland Prize and the international Mono Awards (Commended award 2023).

Professionally engineer and researcher, conducted research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence in education while working at the La Trobe University in Melbourne, author/co-author of research papers. Jan is currently working as a Senior Systems Engineer for the Saab Australia.


Zbigniew Leś

Zbigniew was a very gifted artist with great vision and passion for drawing and painting. He was creating art compositions throughout most of his life. During his study in Kraków, together with his brother Jan, he formed the Micro-Macro art group exploring relationship between art and science. His works,imaginative synthesis of the world full of symbolic elements (e. g.mathematical formulas, scientific elements, icons, computer generated graphics,fragments of old masters’ paintings) provides a visual, holistic context for reflection on the nature of our world, our place in it, our values… 

Professionally Zbigniew was a researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI)exploring use of AI in shape/images recognition and aesthetics evaluation. Founder of the Machine Understanding research domain, Professor at the Queen Jadwiga Institute of Understanding, author of tens of research papers and four scientific books published by the Springer Nature.

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